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About us

A major issue with Blockchain today is the inherent limit to how Layer 1 can scale.

The Alacris Mutual Knowledge Base (MKB) is a blockchain agnostic scalability solution for Decentralized Applications (DApps).

The Alacris MKB leverages Mutual Knowledge to massively scale transactions using parallel optimistic evaluation, while relying on the Common Knowledge provided by traditional blockchains to resolve any potential conflict and disincentivize abuse. Above the “Layer 1”, i.e. the blockchains themselves, and below the “Layer 2”, i.e. the DApps, the Alacris MKB is a “Layer 1.5” solution.

To develop DApps that leverage our Scalability solution, you can use our Open Source APIs with your development platform of choice. And for a platform that automates away a lot of drudgery and potential bugs involved in developing DApps, see the language developed by our technology partner Mutual Knowledge Systems.


Mutual Knowledge Systems

Mutual Knowledge Systems created Glow, a language that tremendously simplifies writing DApps, but just as importantly, verifying their correctness.

Mutual Knowledge Systems


Nervos Network's new blockchain, the Common Knowledge Base, is designed to work hand in hand with Layer 2 scaling solutions such as the Alacris MKB.



Blockchains enable us to enforce scarcity and facilitate value transfer in areas where that would otherwise be impossible and, therefore, radically expand the range of problems to which economic incentives can successfully be applied.


Our Team

The Alacris team is focused on building effective and efficient decentralized technology. We have years of industry experience in engineering, research, and product development for distributed systems and financial applications.

  • Francois-Rene Rideau Chief Architect, Co-Founder

    Over 20 years of building some of the most sophisticated distributed systems in the world.

our advisors

  • Jan Xie

    Founder at Cryptape and Nervos, former researcher & developer at the Ethereum Foundation focused on Casper & Sharding

  • Thomas Hardjono

    Technical Director at MIT Internet Trust Consortium

  • Rick Dudley /www.linkedin .com/in/afdudley/

    President and System Architect, Vulcanize, Inc.

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