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Making your blockchain application fast, secure and accessible.

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Alacris is a Layer 2 Operating System for the blockchain.

It provides unlimited scalability, formalized security, automatic fraud detection and recovery, as well as bridges to layer 1 protocols. It abstracts away all infrastructure concerns away from the DApp developers so they can focus on building the applications.


Ease of Development

Simplified development platform that abstracts scaling and security and provides tooling and framework to make it easier to develop on the blockchain you choose.



Transaction confirmation within seconds with 100,000 transactions per second per Alacris Node.



Formally verified workflows for extra security.


Blockchain is the future

but not until we overcome key challenges

Slow Confirmation Times

Current transaction confirmation is measured in 10s of minutes

Low Throughput

Currently measured in 10s of transactions per second

Security Liability

Currently $100s of millions of dollars lost because of development errors every year

Who We Are


Chris Swenor

Chris Swenor


Chris has an extensive background in the tech space with more than 18 years of experience, which includes leadership positions in multiple successful exits. Prior to co-founding Alacris, Chris founded a 20 member team of consultants specializing in growth-stage startups, which became East Coast Products. He also focuses his time as an advisor at Harvard Business School, Resilient Coders and Techstars.

Francois-Rene Rideau

Francois-Rene Rideau

Chief Architect

François-René Rideau is an alumnus of the École Normale Supérieure (rue d’Ulm). He has a background as a Researcher in Computer Science (Programming Language Semantics and Distributed Systems). Formerly a Software Engineer at IDEALX, ITA Software, Google, and Bridgewater Associates, he is also an early member of the Tezos community.

Core Team

  • Alex Coventry

    Alex Coventry

    Software Engineer

  • Verdan Lebo

    Vedran Lebo

    Software Engineer

  • Jr Howard

    Jr Howard


  • Amy Lynch

    Amy Lynch



Max Faingezicht

Max Faingezicht

CTO, ThriveHive

Max is the Chief Technology Officer of ThriveHive, where they empower local business owners to take charge of their business growth, combining human guidance with easy-to-use technology to make marketing simple, effective, and affordable for small and mid-sized businesses.

Max joined the company in March 2016 via the acquisition of his startup, where he was Co-Founder and CEO. Max is a former small business owner who has worked as a product manager intern for the Kindle team at Amazon and has held engineering roles in industrial automation and artificial intelligence research. Max is passionate about empowering others through data-driven marketing technology. Max holds a BSEE from the University of Costa Rica and an MBA with a certificate for Innovation and Entrepreneurship from MIT Sloan.

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Thomas Hadjono

Thomas Hardjono

Technical Director at MIT Internet Trust Consortium

Thomas Hardjono is the CTO of MIT Connection Science and Technical Director of the MIT Trust::Data Consortium. Passionate about the Internet infrastructure, equitable access and open source, he devoted several years at MIT running the MIT Kerberos Consortium. Prior to this he was a Distinguished Engineer at Bay Networks, Principal Scientist at VeriSign PKI, and held CTO roles at several start-ups. With a background in cryptography, for the past two decades Thomas has been at the forefront of several identity, trust and cybersecurity initiatives in industry, ranging from network multicast security, IoT Security, trusted computing to scalable identity systems and interoperable blockchains. Thomas has authored several technical papers, patents and books covering cryptography, networking, identity and blockchain security

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Pierre Yves

Maître de conférences at Ecole Polytechnique

Pierre-Yves is an Assistant Professor at Ecole Polytechnique. He received his PhD in Computer Science from the École Polytechnique, France, in 2008. In 2016, he joined the Computer Science Department of the École Polytechnique (France). Prior, he was a researcher at the IMDEA Software Institute from 2013, after a post-doctoral position at the Microsoft-INRIA Joint Lab in Paris, France and at the LIAMA institute in Beijing, China. Pierre-Yves’ research interests include formal proofs, proof assistants and their related type theory, certification of cryptographic algorithms, mathematical proofs, and program verification.

He actively participates in the development of Coq proof assistant extensions and libraries and also focuses on the development of tools to develop secure implementations of cryptography. He is one of the main authors of the EasyCrypt proof assistant (a toolset for reasoning about relational properties of probabilistic computations with adversarial code) and of the Jasmin toolset (a framework for developing high-speed and high-assurance cryptographic software).

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Nama Amin

Nada Amin

University Lecturer in Programming Languages at University of Cambridge.

Nada is a University Lecturer in Programming Languages at the University of Cambridge (UK) and a fellow of Jesus College. Previously, she was a member of the Scala team at EPFL, where she obtained her PhD. Previously, she worked at Google in compiler infrastructure supporting Gmail and other Google applications. She holds bachelor of science and master of engineering degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her expertise lies in meta-programming techniques, applied to high-performance computing (POPL’13), verification (POPL’17) and reflection (POPL’18).

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Rick Dudley

Rick Dudley

President and System Architect, Vulcanize, Inc

Rick has over 15 years of experience as an architect and consultant, and has created several well-known blockchain architectures since 2014. He specializes in mechanism design with a focus on federated proof of stake consensus systems. Many of his projects have also entailed components of cross chain asset exchange.

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